Institutional Values


Tesan's institutional vision is to ensure its custumers’ satisfaction by bringing visionary leadership and participative management into forefront, to undertake, develop and produce projects of world standards through the optimum utilization of its institutional sources by means of sustainable strategies under its philosophy which is open to continuous development and optimization.


Tesan's institutional mission is to follow developments in the construction sector closely in accordance with the demands and requirements of its custumers and to ensure data input and sharing in connection with these developments and to share information entering its institution with its partners, workers, sub-contactors, suppliers and the society.

Quality Policy

Tesan's quality policy is to apply and control all management and production systems which it planned and documented efficiently, to ensure continuity of its institutional efficiency and performance by responding to all possible errors and inconveniences as soon as possible and to attain its targets by increasing customer satisfaction in this direction.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our occupational health and safety policy is to eliminate risks by complying with legal requirements and arrangements, to optimize the system continuously by taking measures to avoid accidents and diseases, to give trainings to our workers and sub-contractors with a view to enhance efficiency in the works done and to response to inconveniences as soon as possible by controlling the system continuously under our philosophy of respecting human and human health.

Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy is to comply with legal laws and administrative arrangements relating to environment in order to prevent air, water and soil pollution, to use environment-friendly construction materials in our entire production processes, to ensure that all our workers, suppliers and sub-contractors will acquire an environmental consciousness by controlling the environmental management system we applied and to give necessary trainings in this direction under our philosophy of respecting environment.

In this scope, necessary optimizations were made in our company management system and it was certified with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:1999 certificates.