About Us

Tesan was established as a construction firm in Ankara in 1992. Tesan has gained a reputation for innovative, distinctive, effective and efficient service provision. It is now amongst Turkey’s best known, innovative and trustworthy companies in the construction sector.

Tesan has carried out over 60 public and private sector projects including the construction of large infrastructure developments such as bridges, highways, residential estates, hospitals, schools, university buildings, sport halls, cultural centers as well as commercial, trade and industrial centers. Tesan has finished many contracts for real estate development schemes since 2005. It has completed more than 5 impressive; large scale real estate projects in Ankara alone.

Examples of projects carried out over the last 20 years are included in the following sections. We have successfully delivered these projects with our unique engineering and managerial style of operations, our distinctive and innovative way of doing business, sound financial resources and highly skilled and reliable workforce, suppliers and subcontractors.

Tesan offers to provide economic, effective, fast and high quality services while it aims at creating a company brand through the realisation of unique real estate design projects.